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SM Client™ with its Embedded PKI™ provides a seamless interface to applications protected by an SM Gateway™ . With the appropriate registration and authorization, you have transparent access to a protected site – SM Client™ eliminates the need for users to stop and log in to access protected applications or information.

Provides transparent access and unparalled convenience

SM Client™ is easy to install and even easier to use. Encrypting and digitally signing files quickly becomes second nature for even the most inexperienced users. Users:

  • Are just a click away from encrypting and digitally signing sensitive files
  • Can transparently access protected web sites if properly registered and authorized
  • Can decrypt files that others encrypted for them

SM Client™ can be pre-loaded by your IT department or installs at no cost and as simply as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

…and "Best-in-Class" security

SM Client™ includes Embedded PKI™ to transparently identify and protect users. Used with SM Gateway™ , SM Client™ also:

  • Securely identifies registered users accessing protected web and FTP sites. Only authorized users can access protected sites and applications
  • Provides full encryption and digital signature support to enable users to securely encrypt and send files over unprotected networks as email attachments
  • Permits users to verify files that others have signed
  • Protects against a lost laptop or other unauthorized access when configured with optional user tokens
  • Can optionally be deployed with biometric user identification
  • Works well with other countermeasures such as firewalls

…while reducing complexity

Because SM Client™ is so easy to install and use, users are more likely to routinely and successfully implement your security policies and best practices – with little assistance from IT and no need for security consultants.

SM Client™ system requirements

Before downloading SM Client™ , please make sure that your users' machines meet the minimal requirements listed below:

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, or Netscape 4.76 and higher
  • 2 MB free space

Download a free copy of SM Client™ now!

SM Client™ comes with a demo user registration that enables you to evaluate the product. This demo registration permits you to: access demo sites, encrypt files, digitally sign files with a Demo user signature, and decrypt files encrypted for the Demo user.

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