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As part of its approach to make PKI more convenient and cost effective, SecureMethods offers SM CA™ . SM CA™ creates and packages user registrations used by SM Client™ to access applications protected by SM Gateway™ . Each registration includes an RSA public/private key pair, an X.509 certificate, and configuration information for the user. Delivery of this information is usually via secure email.

With increased security

SecureMethods' certificates provide the foundation for the Embedded PKI™ in SM Client™ and in SM Gateway™ that transparently identify and authenticate users and gateways. This approach allows each user transaction to be individually authorized and audited.

Much like a passport or other physical credential, a certificate contains verified user information. From this third party identification, it is possible to grant access with greater assurance of identity. In the case of a passport, users gain physical access to a country. With a digital certificate, users are allowed access to protected files and applications.

…and more convenience

  • Fast and easy registration and installation so that users can effortlessly install their own certificates
  • Easily and quickly generates and delivers secure user registrations
  • Easy distribution of user credentials with LDAP
  • Can quickly and easily support even the largest organizations

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