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HIPAA and Secure DICOM
This white paper describes the architecture and shows how application-level firewalls and other commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products may be used to implement compartmentalized access to sensitive information and to provide access control over an untrusted network and in a variety of environments.


SecureMethods Embedded PKI™ the Next Generation Security Infrastructure
This white paper discusses a new generation of security infrastructure
based on the concept of securing transactions, not just sessions, and
which is transparent to users to significantly reduce the security
breaches caused by the human factor.


Secure Compartmented Data Access over an Untrusted Network Using a COTS-based Architecture
As greater amounts of increasingly sensitive healthcare information become available online, a uniform approach to securing both systems and data becomes essential. This white paper discusses an approach that incorporates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to provide security solutions with better reliability, lower cost, and the support of a large user community.

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Product Overview
SecureMethods patented technology protects critical information by delivering a security solution that is all encompassing, particularly when compared with competitive solutions that are more expensive and typically address only a single area of vulnerability.

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SM Client
SM Client™ with its Embedded PKI™ provides a seamless interface to applications protected by an SM Gateway™ . With the appropriate registration and authorization, you have transparent access to a protected site – SM Client™ eliminates the need for users to stop and log in to access protected applications or information.

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