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With more than 75 years of experience, SecureMethods' professionals routinely provide expert computer security consulting to a diverse array of organizations, including those in the commercial, healthcare, DoD, and Government sectors. Using its industry experts and state of the art security modeling techniques, SecureMethods delivers high assurance security solutions that fit the policies and requirements of these and many other diverse environments.

In addition to SecureMethods' proven security solutions, our consultants can develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy for you including:

Developing a security strategy and aligning it with your organization's business needs, security goals, and IT objectives. With our experience writing security policies, we can review your existing policies or help you develop new security and acceptable use guidelines appropriate for your business practices and security requirements.

Determining risk by analyzing your existing system. SecureMethods can determine the threats and vulnerabilities for your system and recommend solutions tailored to your needs.

Designing a secure network architecture that is scalable and resistant to attack. As part of your secure network, SecureMethods can:

  • Install and maintain firewalls
    SecureMethods can provide assistance throughout the entire process, from finding the firewall that best meets your needs, to installing and configuring it, to performing daily maintenance.
  • Configure Unix and Windows NT servers
    Incorrectly configured servers (web, FTP, or email) provide easy targets. SecureMethods can provide assistance in configuring your servers to make sure they are resilient to attacks.

Custom Software Integration

SecureMethods provides secure custom software development and integration services. Using its security architecture, SecureMethods assists clients in designing, implementing, and deploying highly secure applications.

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